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Woman love thief

Stemmons Express

Soul Serenade

The Mike Cotton Sound

Something's got a hold on me

Etta James

Just look what you've done

Brenda Holloway

Hand it over

Chuck Jackson

Something's wrong

Chris Clark


Jnr. Walker & the Allstars

Ordinary Joe

Terry Callier

You ain't sayin' nothing new

Virgil Henry

Living a lie

High Keys

Can we share it

Rick Shepperd

Big Maybelle

Quitting Time

Sax on the track

Mike & Ike

This was the theme tune to Mike Raven's Sunday Evening Blues Show on

Radio 1.
One of the best shows on the radio in the
60's and early 70's.
I loved listening to this show as he played both old and new records...Mick

What's it gonna be

Dusty Springfield

Girl I love you

Garland Green

Too Much

Jimmy Conwell