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rothwell march 2019


rothwell january 2019

What an amazing night last night in Rothwell. Thank you to all who attended - some of you travelling quite a way to get there. It was the third event we have done there and it just gets better and better. The venue filled up really quickly and the floor got busy quite early on - such enthusiasm. It didn't peak either it was like that all night.
Mick kicked off - he really enjoys playing the early doors set. Derek Smiley was next - Well done Derek you played a superb set and with such enthusiasm too. Andy 'Smudge' Smith was next on the decks followed by Martin Stanford - you two gentleman have been on the scene for so many years, so there were no surprises there - you just did what you do best. Mick was last on to take us through to 1 o'clock - not an easy task following these three but he did it and he did it well.
All in all it was a brilliant night and we thank you the people who attended for making it a great night.
I did take some videos/photo's last night and I will be posting them later.
Our next event is on March the 16th with special guest DJ Ted Massey, Derek, Martin and Mick.

rothwell august 2018

Mick, Gary, Michelle and myself would like to thank everybody who attended our event on Saturday. I will admit I was a little worried about putting on a bank holiday event because of everything else that was going on. Oh me of little faith - no body else was worried about it - but thats just me a worry wart. The venue filled up really quickly and it was not long before the dance floor was busy.
Hammie, Martin, Derek and Mick all played a superb set - these guys are a credit to their craft.
I would like to thank everybody who respected the No Talc policy it is really appreciated both by us and the club and the floor really does not need it.
This is the second event that we have put on, and we will be sorting out dates for the next ones in the very near future - we will keep you informed. Regards Karen.

We would like to say a Big Thankyou to all who turned out to our event in Rothwell last night.

From the conception of this event we did say to ourselves "Will it work? - What would be the worst thing that could happen? The worst thing would we would end up with egg on our faces"
We took the risk and went ahead. All thanks for this go to my brother Gary and his wife Michelle Janes who have been on about doing this for ages. We are so glad that we did.
I played the first hour and it was a pleasure as the venue filled up really quickly. Kris Sikora followed me and WOW! - Young man you really know how to work the dance floor. Derek Smiley what can I say? Your take on soul is refreshing, you played some old classics and something different too - something for everyone there, the floor was really receptive. Martin Stanford next and there is no need to tell you that he was really on top form. The floor was heaving throughout Martins set as it usually is, they barely had time to draw breath - they were still dancing their socks off when I took over and took it through till 1 0'clock. What more could I ask for? I thoroughly enjoyed it.
I would like to take this opportunity to thank my wife Karen for doing what she does and to all the people who over the past months who have shared this event on facebook - without you it would not have been possible - you know who you are.
To all the people who travelled from near and far - and there was a fair few - we thank you. Also it was a pleasure to see Keith with his stall, thank you for coming Keith.
We have been asked if we will be doing another and yes it looks most likely that we will.
Happy Souling to you all where ever you go.
Regards Mick.