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The 'Rideout' and return.

Cambridge Scooter Club Annual St. Georges Day Ride out was held this year on Sunday 27th April 2014


This years event was really well attended. The Scooters rode through the scenic streets of Cambridge.

'Scooters' Galore!

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£1,517.79 Was raised for the Papworth OWL Trust. This charity is based in Sawston and helps adults with learning disabilities. It was raised by selling food which was sponsored, Raffle tickets and Patches.


  What a wonderful afternoon this was. Although this event is not dependent on the weather, it was the icing on the cake to be blessed with such a beaufiful summer day. Most unseasonal for April.
  We arrived at the City Football Ground at 12.15 and it was buzzing then. Cambridge Scooter Club was supported by Clubs from surrounding areas..King's Lynn Gladiators, Peterborough Lambretta Vespa Scooter Club, Ely, Haverhill, St Neots and Enfield Scooter Clubs also made a brilliant turn out for this event.
The people were really friendly and everybody was having a great time. Some of the Scooter's had fantastic restorations and paint jobs it was a joy to walk around them. Although it was for the most part, men that rode the scooters it was nice to see a strong female contingent.
  The ride out was great, the sound and the smell fantastic, due to the fact that it was Easter Sunday, it was a little longer than usual, going through the city.
This year the chosen charity was Papworth Trust O.W.L. to which £1200.00 was donated.
Hats off to the people who organised this event, it gets bigger every year.

** For more information on Cambridge Scooter Club read the 2010 article below**

Sunday 25th April 2010 was the Annual St.Georges Day Scooter run through the streets of Cambridge. They were meeting at the Cambridge City Football Club, Milton Road, Cambridge.
  When we got there just before mid day there was a real nice buzz and feeling of anticipation in the air. It was not long before a great crowd of scooters started to turn up, many travelled quite a distance. The sight, smell and sound took us all back to our younger days, reminiscent of how things used to be for us (and still is for some) The scooter owners were such a friendly crowd and were more than willing to talk to you and tell a few tales.
  We went onto Milton road to catch on video the scooters leaving the ground..... as we were waiting I think it was one of the highlights of the day when I could hear (but not at that time see) the scooters reving up and blowing their hooters. As one they came up Westbrook Drive towards Milton Road. As they came round the corner into view ...they just kept coming and coming.
  The noise was deafening........
Hat's off to the organisers of this event, it was a truly memorable afternoon, enjoyed by all who attended.
  Karen Janes


Thank you to all who attended, we had a fantastic day and raised £1,248.00 for Opportunities Without Limits based in Sawston, a charity that works with adults with special needs and learning disabilities.
We raised this total in 4.5 hours, through selling food that we managed to get sponsored (Free) raffle tickets and club patches commemorating the day.
This years event was our fifth and a lot of the success is dependant on the weather on the day. It started out as a club event hosted by 'Billy No Mates Scooter Club' and held at The Cornerhouse Pub in Cambridge when I was the licensee. A couple of years ago the club ran into some problems and found it difficult to host the day so members of Cambridge Scooter Club took over to ensure this popular day was preserved.
Year one started with 70 odd scooters and gradually increased as word got around courtesy of You Tube and local scooter club sites all raving about our rideout through the streets of the city.

Year 3 saw us at the Prince Albert pub at Quy just outside Cambridge, where we managed to secure a police escort for the ride, which saw over 100 scooters on the traffic stopping trip through the city centre. Last year the event was held at the Master Mariner pub on Perne Road in Cambridge (where our scooter club hold its monthly meetings the first wednesday of every month at 7.15pm). With a fantastic sunny day forecast we were well and truly on the scooter world map as over 200 scooters turned up from all over East Anglia and with a police escort we took 186 on our now famous rideout in to the centre of Cambridge.
This years event was moved to The City Stop, the home of Cambridge City Football club as the Mariner was just not big enough. Unfortunately the day started cloudy and wet which would have put some of the clubs off travelling, however as the video shows we still took 156 out on the ride.

As Cambridge Scooter Club, we have over 150 members, a website, monthly meetings and impromptu meetings Sunday mornings at Quayside beside Magdalene Bridge near Henry's bar and the punts. When the weather is good we can have 30 plus scooters on show from arrival at 10am to midday when we normally go on a short ride round town. We also have members that go to other clubs rallies around the country and always have a contingent that go the Isle of Wight national rally. As a club with few rules and regulations we are run by volunteers and do not discriminate make or model. We welcome anyone on any scooter be it a Lambretta, Vespa or twist and go, whether it be from 1959 or 2010. BOB BROWNLIE

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